Saturday, 31 January 2009


Hey, I can see that a couple of my VI-based friends have made it here. Lovely, lovely!! To mark the momentous occasion, here are a couple pix of little Miss Annie in her early days at the pool. She is now a seasoned swimmer. I think we will have to hold a Vizswim day and get a whole load of ginger splashers here for that. What say you? Pool and potluck perhaps? It would have to be a Sunday ... does anyone want to start suggesting dates?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

VIVE is born

Hello! This is my first little excursion into blogging, so please bear with me whilst I struggle to get it together. Just wanted to welcome all Vizsla Enthusiasts on Vancouver Island and let them know that we (the Vitali Vizslas and their insignificant human slaves Chrissie and Jens) hope this will provide a place for VI-based Vizslovers to congregate, share tales of local Vizslactivity and plan more Vizslinteraction in the future. If, like us, you enjoy immersing yourself in multiple Vizslas (it's a recognised syndrome you know, this MVS) then let's get together and do it!

Currently the Vitali Vizslas are making regular visits to the trails near our home, so there's a good place to start. Miles and miles of off-leash fun through brush, forest and logging roads, with the Englishman River thrown in - wanna join us? Just let us know and we'll arrange a get together! Vive l'Errington!

Oh, and as you can see from the pic above, we also accept "honorary Vizslas" into our pack! Ginger ninjas rule, but the lurchers and Greyhounds are cool :-)