Saturday, 28 February 2009

Monday March 2nd - VIVE in Courtenay

We are up in the Courtenay area on Monday and will be taking our ginger kids for a romp whilst there, so here's your invitation to join us! We aim to be at Nymph Falls Park (Forbidden Plateau Road - map here at 2.30 pm and have about an hour to fill with Vizslactivity. If you can definitely make it, let me know and we'll certainly not go anywhere until the group has congregated. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

International relations on the trails

Whilst I'm on a roll I'd like to post another photo of our gang out for a nice walk a couple months back on the local trails with 2 new friends. The senior guests of honour are 13 and 18 years old respectively - real Hungarians from Hungary nonetheless - what an international affair though: two Hungarian Hungarians, 2 British Hungarians and 2 Canadian Hungarians. Would any more interesting combinations like to join us in future (asks the British girl in Canada with the French surname and German husband)?

Life's a beach

On Sunday we went to the beach with the dogs - the first time since winter descended upon us in BC. Not a soul was about and yet it was so very beautiful - blue skies, snow-capped mountains across the water, calm sea and rather a lot of ducks (yes ducks on the beach?!) and the obligatory seagulls. The last 2 feathered features were what impressed our guys most and lots of running and swimming was order of the day. Except for the boys, who prefer more leisurely pursuits these days and they went fishing ... which means patrolling the shallow waters for signs of the little minnows that flit about ... pounce, pounce, splash, splash ... fishies beware, the ginger gang hunt fur, feather AND scales it would seem. But I didn't get any photos folks, so sorry about that. Here's one I made earlier (last summer), just to give you a taste.