Tuesday, 17 February 2009

International relations on the trails

Whilst I'm on a roll I'd like to post another photo of our gang out for a nice walk a couple months back on the local trails with 2 new friends. The senior guests of honour are 13 and 18 years old respectively - real Hungarians from Hungary nonetheless - what an international affair though: two Hungarian Hungarians, 2 British Hungarians and 2 Canadian Hungarians. Would any more interesting combinations like to join us in future (asks the British girl in Canada with the French surname and German husband)?


  1. 18 years is just incredible! Keep on hunting old Vizsla!


  2. 18 really is impressive.....and still fit for a walk! Which one is it?

  3. The one nearest the camera (head turned away) is the senior gentleman in question. We had to walk slowly and give him a few breaks, but he didn't do bad at all. I understand he now uses a lovely harness like my Pash (sitting) - can't recommend those highly enough (Ruffwear Webmaster)