Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hektor joins the Vitali Vizslas

It's been quite a while since I last posted anything here. Not because nothing has happened, but rather because lots has happened, albeit not necessarily VIVE-related (we moved, sold our pool business, have been renovating, went away for a bit and then lost our precious Cirrus quite unexpectedly in Feb 2010). Our little group of Van-Isle-based Vizsla enthusiasts has met on various occasions throughout the year and we always have fun.

Today's entry has been prompted by the exciting new arrival in the Vitali household: Hektor (AKA Country's Gonna Getcha Good)! Here are some shots of the new addition, who flew all the way from Florida to Washington at barely 8 weeks of age and then endured a long ride up the coast into Canada and across to his new home on glorious Vancouver Island. This will hopefully bring us out of hiding and mean more frequent updates to the blog!


  1. Love his bones, ain't he bootiful!!! wags from Hassle and Ben (who have enough to put up with with Eddie the Russell (belonging to No2 son)

  2. Ah bless him - what a handsome boy! Loads of love to you all (& snuggles for Hektor) Juliet & John xx - loads of licks from Radar...& a few nibbles from Rio!!

  3. Oh what a scrummy boy!! I could just eat him!! Loads of hugs from
    Helg and the Boyz
    Barney and Monty xxxxx

  4. Oh he is just adorable! Give him a cuddle and kiss from me please

    Woof Woof from Fergus & Winston x

  5. What a beautiful boy!!
    Love, hugs, wags and wiggles
    Lynn and Bodi xx

  6. Hi there- sorry to contact you here- but not sure how else to contact you!
    We live on the Island and have recently been turned on to Vizslas- we are interested in a WHV and wonder if you might have any knowledge of where to find around here? We just lost our beautiful 13 year old Dalmatian and are looking to add another 4 legged companion to our world. If you have any info it would be great- I am on facebook which might be the easiest way to contact me. THank you so much - Wendhi Gale.